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  • Saskatoon's Summer Family Festival

    Saskatoon's newest Family Summer Festival is all about the River and the people who use it. Exciting water sports events take place day and night. There are plenty of things to see on the water and on-shore at River Landing, Saskatoon's premier festival site.

  • Water Sports

    • The WATERCROSS NATIONALS featuring fast paced racing action with top drivers from Canada and the US. Special Night Racing under the lights

    • The hottest new Watersport in the world…Paddleboard Races

  • Added Attractions

    River Regatta & Races organized by the Saskatoon Racing Canoe Club with developmental clubs throughout Saskatchewan, and the Saskatoon Rowing Club

    LIGHT DISPLAYS from the BHP Billiton Enchanted Forest on shore at River Landing

    PRAIRIE LILY River Boat Dinner Cruises and Entertainment

  • River Lights Festival!

    • Great variety of Entertainment at the River Landing Amphitheatre and on the water

    First Nations Canoe and Dance Presentation

    Summer Breeze Marketplace @ River Landing

    Food & Beverage concessions

    And much more for the entire family

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Watercross Nationals
Regatta & Races
Light Displays
Amphitheatre Entertainment
First Nations Presentations
Summer Breeze Marketplace


Paddle Boarding
Wake Boarding

Friday - Sunday
July 26th - 28th, 2013

River Landing will be alive all day, every day, with demos, food and fun for the entire family!

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